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Karina Dalca

I’ve always loved dresses, I live in them, I dream in them and I feel at my best in them. My style is a mixture of classic, romantic and elegant. The princess’ Alexander McQueen, not the punk variety. I dislike ripped jeans and graphic tees, they just don’t give me that amazing feeling, but toss me a great tulle skirt any day, and I’ll be dancing!

Getting dressed to me is an art and a journey and every one needs to take time to find their style. For me, I found it though movies. I grew up on a diet of black and white classics and CW during high school and I fell in love with many characters and their styles. So I’m some parts Audrey Hepburn, Grace of Monaco, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girls and Charlotte from Sex and The City, and yes, I do watch way too many shows strong on fashion (Scandal, Dynasty, Ugly Betty).

What you love is what makes you feel luxe, it is a joy to engage with and it drives you forward. For me, one of those loves is fashion, bags and all things pretty. I think it’s so important to enjoy the time you have, be grateful and surround yourself with beauty. I feel at my best always well-dressed. I love sharing what I bought, how to style and recycle your wardrobe and lots of reviews of bags and brand that give me the luxe feeling. I would love to just go out and buy everything on my list! But like everyone I work with a budget, I love getting luxury for less and I only buy what’s worth it to enhance my wardrobe. And that is what I want to share with you, the curated closet, the missed pieces and the my returns and why.

So this blog is for the classic girl, a princess at heart but a woman of our generation. If you love beauty, luxury and a fantastic find, if you think of fashion as art and you often fall in love with pieces that are evergreen, then you are in the right place and I’m so happy to meet you.

“luxury is about how it makes you feel, not how much it costsKarina Dalca