Forest Greens from H&M

I'm currently in love with the forest green in H&M's current collection, so I'm rounding up my favorite looks with this gorgeous shade of green!

My absolute favorite color is green, but I don’t often see many clothes in great shades of green. Blue is most common, and with spring at hand, pinks, reds and oranges abound, but still not much green. So when I walked into H&M and saw a huge collection of forest green, I was so happy! H&M can be a bit of a hit and miss for me, often their sizes are too large and the quality is unpredictable. But the following outfits were all on point and I love them all for price, quality and sizing!

This rib-knit sweater is oversized, super comfortable and incredibly cozy. Dark hues like my navy pants and purple bag go well together to create a sense of luxe coziness that makes this look great for any relaxed day of the year – especially good for rainy days and cold days!

This lovely asymmetric striped skirt is perfect for spring. The length is great for casual and formal events and with a good white shirt, this look is ready for a garden party, a picnic or a high tea. I added navy Cole Haan heels and this lovely Cambridge Satchel Company Poppy bag to tie in the darker stripes of the skirt. This skirt is wonderfully flow-y and moves beautifully around me and I walk. It’s comfortable to wear and the material feels soft and smooth to the touch.

For an everyday usable piece, these dark green dress pants do the trick! Dress up with a beige, white, pale pink or navy shirt or dress down with a great striped tee, either way these pants are breathable, comfortable and easy to live in for an entire day! I decided to dress it up with this beige shirt and my Chanel classic flap bag.

That’s it for my favorite forest greens from H&M! I’m always happy to find a great set of green clothes, and these are a real value for money. I know styling green can be hard because it is so easy to add too much color or overwhelm it with too much going on. Green is easy enough to style as long as you remember green is a beautiful bright color so go simple with the rest of your outfit. If you decide to go for a dark tone like navy, keep the dark tone for accessories and other elements, if you go light, make sure to not let the look get too bland by adding color with your accessories!

Thanks for reading and let me know your favorite way to style green in the comment below!